Student Testimonials

Thousands worldwide like myself believe these are the greatest courses in the life sciences the world has ever seen. The information in the Essential Course was presented to me by a Natural Hygiene Consultant in 1984, and it saved my life! Get the accurate information about health you need to set yourself free!
- David Klein, Natural Hygiene Consultant and Publisher of Living Nutrition Magazine

I would like to thank you very much for the support and the obvious amount of effort you have put into the preparation of this course, for me personally it has been a fantastic journey of enlightenment and it has certainly been the most enjoyable course of study I have ever undertaken. The changes I have implemented in my life since I took up this course just over a year ago have rewarded me tremendously and my health has improved tenfold. I have realized that being a vegetarian was a long way from achieving true health and happiness. I feel blessed that I have come across Natural Hygiene and hope that I can spread the word to as many others that care to listen, as it is so frustrating to watch others squander their health. Once again may I offer my sincere thanks.

I enjoyed this course immensely! I learned so much! I was amazed and astounded at some of the information. I appreciate so much all your time, energy, and hard work to put this course together. It truly was a monumental task. And I thank you for answering all my emails. This course has helped me so much! I have been 100% raw for almost 8 months. I feel so much healthier, have more energy, sleep better and many ailments have cleared up! I have incorporated stretching into my workout regimen and people tell me I look great. I want to shout this information from the rooftops. But, I keep my lip zipped, unless curious friends and acquaintances ask me what I am doing. So, a great big hug and THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU to you, Robert!

I not only enjoyed the course, my knowledge has been vastly broadened. I also enjoy my new way of life and the benefits of a clean diet. I had become raw a year and a half before and also done two fasts by the time I started the course. But, without this course I would still be doing so many things wrong.
The course also put and end to my confusion over certain issues and the controversy around them. When prior to the course I often did not know what and whom to believe, now I know I don't have to believe anyone, all I have to go back and look at the facts.
I also want to thank you for answering my various questions over the period of studying.

Thank you very much. I just received the 44 lessons. This is what I've been looking for all my life and I plan to start studying them right away.

I agree, this is the course to take. And Dr Sniadach is a very friendly and spiritually conscious individual. I couldn't imagine having a better teacher.

I want to thank you so much for this outstanding course that you have put together. It has more than exceeded my expectations. It makes a tremendous difference in my family’s health and an extra benefit, our budget. We no longer use any supplements or go to any healers. The only time over the past six months, was when my daughter broke her finger. It has saved us hundreds of dollars since I began the course. Between giving up supplements, chiropractors, colonics and acupuncture, we now have more money and more time to enjoy life, and feel better to boot. The cost of the course was well worth it. I feel like I got it for free!

Doctor, I just arrived back from North Carolina to find your package awaiting me. I just want to tell you that after opening the box and reviewing the notebooks I am thrilled!!!! I am very excited about your program and look forward to the months ahead! My husband (RN) and I are VERY impressed with the contents of your study course.

I just wanted to let you know that the course materials have arrived yesterday. I had a few minutes this morning to browse through them, and I have to say they are 'WONDERFUL'! I am not a total newcomer to the NH principles, but I know that I have to learn and understand so much more, and so I am looking forward to start studying. This course should be an essential basis and part of not only any medical education curriculum, but also of any high-school or college curriculum.
Best regards - and greetings (from a rainy and gray Germany),

I found the course to be very informative and life-changing. It was concise and very organized. Again, thank you very much for making such life saving information available. Keep up the great work!!!

I'm really enjoying the course so far, it's fascinating material. I still have to go back and take the tests but I just can't stop reading ahead. :) I really like the question/answer sections, as I usually have similar ones, so this helps a lot. Good work.

You are one hell of a learned, spiritual professional Doc Robert!
Doc Gina

I have received the Essential Natural Hygiene Course last Friday, thank you for sending it so swiftly. I'm reading in it every day, it is a massive source of information. At the same time it gives me a feeling of rest, because now I don't have to surf on the internet that much any more for information/checking information etc. Now I have one reliable source.
Although, again, I have to change food habits, every morning I am curious about what to learn in the course today. I think that means I'm finally on the right track, I do hope so, it is my last straw. When I read something about Natural Hygiene before, it was all so negative, only about what not to do. You made it much more positively and "go with flow".

I loved the course and know it will always be a part of my life.

Dear Dr. Sniadach,
Many thanks to you for creating such a great course. I am looking forward to each new lesson.



I LOVED it! Thank you so much, Robert, for this outstanding, life-changing course. Even though I've been a natural therapist for over 25 years, I have learned so much. I have been too much "fix the patient with THINGS" orientated (herbs, supplements etc). Now I love the concept of Doing Nothing Intelligently! And my awe & gratitude towards this miracle of Creation called the human body has been increased exponentially. I have already revised my consulting strategies. I now plan to re-read the entire course and re-take all the tests as there was so much information to absorb and so many now obsolete concepts for me to discard! I will re-read Shelton's Natural Hygiene- a Pristine Way of Life simultaneously to cross reference material.

I have learned so much information in the first two sections. The truth is there, and most of us have been taught wrong all our lives. This course is changing the way I live and even think about everything. Thank you for this wonderful course.

It has been about two months since I took Dr. Sniadach's course in Natural Hygiene. Although I wasn't overweight before the course I have already lost about 14 unneeded pounds and the best part is about a week after I started eating "living foods" my energy level started to increase and has been increasing since. I have also quit coffee completely, something I was addicted to for at least 20 years and have lost all cravings for sugar and processed foods.
I enjoyed Dr. Sniadach's presentation and his approach to teaching Natural Hygiene. The course was given in an open, non-linear manner which appealed to me and kept my interest peaked. I want to thank Dr. Sniadach for giving me this life changing knowledge and such a loving and supportive way.

I've had the course for several days now and have only just been able to put it down for long enough to say thank you. A sincerely big thank you from the heart for such an amazing, life changing course.
I have just finished a couple of books by Dr Shelton and had a Natural Hygiene Consultation for my own health. The course has brought everything together. I realized that there is no way I can heal myself if I continue to work as a teacher of teenagers with behavioral problems. My partner and I have spent days since working on a way for me to quit and we've found a way. For a long time I have hated the fact that I have had to encourage children to take Ritalin and contribute to psychological assessments which medicate children. No longer can I be party to this.
The course gave me the final push to me make this decision, so THANK YOU for helping me find the courage. Every day since I have received the course I have moved on from something else, but nothing so big as the career that has been dragging me down for years.
The course has a very accessible format, but most importantly, with all the information needed to set people free from the chains of their social conditioning. Bless you Robert, for I can only imagine how hard you and others must have worked to make this possible.

I received the first box with the two humongous binders! Wow, I can't believe all the information I will be receiving through this course. I've already gone through lesson 1 and it is exactly what I hoped it would be.
I'm really excited about helping to get this information out to others, especially my family, friends and students.

I honestly cannot think of another thing to improve the course, it was extremely valuable to me.

This was an amazing course which provided much valuable information in an organized fashion. Thank you so much for offering it.

I received the my ENH certificate last week. I consider it the most valuable certificate so far I've received in my life. Although I've been on raw food for more than a year before knowing much about natural hygiene, only now I feel I'm on the right track. In fact I feel I'm on a different planet where everything is shining in spite of the darkness around me... I'm very grateful for the great knowledge you passed to me through the course.

Well I finally finished the exams!
What to change:
A. Greater Publicity of the Program
B. Video and Audio tapes of the course
C. Email lists/website of all NH course grads
D. Up the price! This is too good and important!
Thanks for this course, it has truly helped my business of personal training, and changed my life, wow!

Thanks for everything! EVERYTHING! I’ve learned so much, and my partner and I have been applying all we’ve learned. It’s been a wonderful journey so far…My partner and I have been raw for over a year. We started out 100% raw, and were that way for months. But because we live in the middle of nowhere, literally, it is VERY difficult to keep the fridge stocked with fruits and veggies. Ever since I started the course though, we have tried to incorporate ALL the NH fundamentals into our life (except living in a warm climate!) We have found the course has helped us to change our lives in so many ways. We are grateful to you for offering it.

Thanks so much for your wonderful course through Transformation Institute. I have learned so much; it has really changed my life!