Registration & Enrollment


To register at Transformation Institute, first download the Application for Admission . Fill it out and send it back to T.I. by clicking the Send button at the bottom of the application. After sending your application. return back to this Registration page to continue with enrollment.


Next, enroll into the Essential Natural Hygiene Course (ENHC). The tuition fee for the ENHC is US$350. Tuition includes all course materials, tests, grading of all tests and final certificate. Tuition also includes unlimited emails with me about your studies as you progress through the Course. Also your student enrollment includes email consultation with me regarding your own personal health situation, and help with integrating your new natural hygiene lifestyle into your life. The 44 lessons and 9 tests are emailed to you in Adobe Acrobat pdf files for study on your computer. You may wish to print out lessons, or portions of lessons, for your own study.

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You may pay your total tuition fee by one of several methods:

- Credit card by clicking on the PayPal button below and following the instructions shown;

- PayPal direct money transfer (Send Money) if you already have a PayPal account. Simply send your total fee to:; if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still simply pay by credit card as mentioned above.

- Western Union money transfer, made payable to Robert Sniadach (Extra fees apply for you);

- Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) direct from your bank account to our bank account (Extra fees apply both to you and to us).

If paying by credit card, you may do so through our secure PayPal account by clicking on the PayPal button below:

If paying by Western Union money tranfer, please email us for payment instructions.

If paying by EFT bank-to-bank transfer, please email us for the necessary bank information.

When your application and tuition payment are both received, your course will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Along with your Course, you will receive several emails - a welcome note, email test answer sheets, instructions about testing, receipt for your payment, and more.


Two or more students can enroll together, studying and testing from the same 1 set of course materials.

Please email us if you have any questions about this.


If you do not want testing and certification (i.e. - only the course materials), contact us about necessary fees.