Q: What is Natural Hygiene?

The philosophy is this:
Natural Hygiene recognizes that the human body is a fully self-sufficient organism that is self-directing, self-constructing, self-preserving and self-healing; and that it is capable of maintaining itself in superb functioning order, completely free of disease, if its basic needs are properly met.

Natural Hygiene is the only systematic and logical study of what it takes for people to achieve health and excellence in the many different spheres of life. Through discerning observation and careful study of nature, and of mankind's harmonious place in it, Natural Hygiene has come to encompass all that serves to support and encourage health and personal growth for everyone. Learning and following the Natural Hygiene lifestyle will enable you to achieve health and well-being that you have never imagined!

Q: Why should I consider taking this Course?

This independent study course is "user-friendly" and geared towards the motivated student who wants thorough and accurate knowledge of nutrition and health. Information is factual and up to date. You will receive an in-depth understanding of personal health care principles that will benefit you and those you love for a lifetime.

The Essential Natural Hygiene Course (ENHC) is created for those whose main desire is to create lasting, excellent health for themselves and for their immediate family. The ENHC gets right to the basics, and examines them thoroughly, so that the student may learn what it takes to live healthfully for their whole life. Important hygienic health concepts and principles are clearly presented, and, just as importantly, erroneous concepts and principles that most of us have previously learned are exposed. It is just as important to get rid of false information and practices as it is to learn optimal concepts and practices.

So, in a nutshell, enroll in the Essential Course if your main goal is to turn your life around and create optimal health for yourself. Also, if you have a great intellectual desire for more knowledge, and especially if your goal is to move into a satisfying career with Natural Hygiene, you will want to take the Advanced Courses or Professional Hygienist program to meet your needs.

Q: What are the benefits of completing the Course?

By satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements of the Essential Natural Hygiene Course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. This signifies a firm understanding of the basic concepts of Natural Hygiene. This excellent grounding in all the principles and practices of Natural Hygiene will greatly help you to follow through in practice, since being armed with solid knowledge can definitely help to keep you going on your path to high-level health and well-being. It will also help you to instill this superb lifestyle into your home for your loved ones. No doubt you will get many questions asked of you, and this Essential Course will give you many simple and straightforward answers to people's questions about this lifestyle.

You should congratulate yourself for even considering this challenge. It is a big commitment, but one that will change your life forever. I consider each of us to be pioneers, blazing new paths and reaching new heights in personal growth. We are lucky to be among those who have been inspired to move forward with this vital mission.

Our goal is to inspire, motivate and enable a positive shift in the attitude towards healthy living of as many people as possible.

Q: Can you give me more detail about the lessons?

The in-depth lessons you receive are rich in Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Cytology, Physical Fitness, Holistic Living and Nutritional and Health Sciences.

The Essential Course is geared toward the newer aspirant in Natural Hygiene, and is relatively lighter in depth in order to cover all the necessary ground for a comprehensive understanding of the basics. Still, you will be challenged to learn and understand the basic principles fully, for they are often very different from what most of us have been taught regarding health care.

Each lesson is really a mini-course in it self, with each lesson focused on a particular aspect of health. The spectrum of health sciences that these lessons cover makes the full course comparable to having a health library in your own home.

Each lesson is structured in a logical, progressive format, as shown in this example from Lesson 1:

LESSON ENH01: Introduction to Natural Hygiene As a Way of Life
THEME: Natural Hygiene as a true philosophy of life.
COROLLARY THEME: Health is normal and natural.
Revised and Edited by Robert Sniadach, D.C.
Original Author: T. C. Fry
Objectives of this Lesson
Key Concepts
Salient Facts
Outline of Lesson
Presentation of Lesson
Questions about the Lesson
Summary of Lesson
Supplementary Text Material
Work Sheets

Each of the sections are formatted for easy reference, making it simple to see the important points at a glance.

The body of each lesson is very comprehensive, and supplementary text material further amplifies the focus of the lesson from other author's perspectives. Each lesson is from 30-60 pages in length.

You can view the complete Lesson ENH09 as a sample lesson HERE.

Q: Before deciding whether or not to pursue these courses I need to know a little more about them. Specifically: are the tests and assignments multiple choice or is there more work involved?

The Essential Course tests are multiple choice and true/false. The purpose of testing is to see that you are reading and absorbing the course materials. The primary purpose of the Essential Course, however, is that you put it to practice in your life! That is the real test.

Q: How long time will it take approximately to finish the Essential Course? Full-time study? Part-time study?

Full-time study - expect to take about 3-6 months.
Part-time study - expect to take about 1 year.
You proceed at your own pace. There is no time requirement for completing the Course.

Q: What is a good study routine? If I work in the daytime, could I still finish a lesson a week?

Yes, that sounds reasonable. I should remind you that the most important thing is to be consistent with your studies, so that your knowledge is continually growing and expanding. Also, you will likely be implementing and refining your own lifestyle as you integrate what you are learning. So this whole Course is a practical and intellectual process. It is best to keep going at it in a steady fashion.

Q: Why the division into basic and advanced courses, isn't this different from the original course?

Yes. After surveying many of the graduates of the original Natural Hygiene Course, I came to the conclusion that most people simply wanted a solid and comprehensive course in all of the fundamentals of Natural Hygiene. They did not necessarily desire to get into advanced subjects that they could not use. So I decided to extract the essential information from the original NH course and combine that into the Essential Course.

Our Essential NH Course is approximately 2200 pages long, divided up into 44 lessons. It is actually quite comprehensive and thorough. For most people, it is all you will need to learn.

As for the balance of the original course lessons, most of them need a great amount of updating and revising to be relevant and useful. Perhaps future courses will incorporate them.

Q: If you plan on studying to become or if you already are a physician, MD., DC. etc., - is there any reason you should enroll in the course?

Absolutely! You will find that these Courses in Natural Hygiene will provide a much greater depth of understanding and benefit to your personal and professional work. Nearly all conventional and alternative health care instruction is far too narrowly focused on therapeutic intervention, and often is derived from a dubious theoretical foundation. While some aspects of conventional education is laudable, such as diagnostic and emergency care training, you will find that many of the theoretical and practical aspects of this education is circumspect and often outright dangerous and damaging.

Once you have gained a firm understanding of Natural Hygiene principles, you will come to see how simple, easy and joyous it really is to live healthfully, and to regain health when it has been lost. Nearly all of us who have heeded that internal, burning desire to learn to help ourselves and others with their health care concerns know, deep down, that healthy living and health recovery should be a simple, relatively painless and freedom-enhancing process. The conventional doctor-patient relationship today is losing much of its previous esteem and integrity, and rightfully so, for that old way of looking at health care does not work. Natural Hygiene holds out the promise of re-establishing the true relationship of doctors for their patients - that of teacher and counselor.

Q: Is the material presented in the courses medically and scientifically accurate?

As accurate as we can make it.

I have to chuckle to myself when I think about this, for the fact is that right at this moment we have dozens of so-called "health care" systems happening simultaneously in our world, all of which profess to rest on a scientific basis, at least to some degree. The system that claims the strictest 100% scientific adherence, conventional western medicine, is by far the deadliest and most destructive.

Natural Hygiene always looks to nature for its guiding principles, for nature has been sustaining Life, in all its majestic forms, for eons. The theories and practices in Natural Hygiene, arrived at by studying and contemplating nature, result in the healthiest, happiest human beings.



Q: Dear Dr. Sniadach,
Thank you for the information you provided regarding your course in Natural Hygiene. I have one more question that is of particular importance to me: in the small amount of literature I've read about Natural Hygiene in general, there seems to be a kind of "New Age" philosophy that seems to run through it (i.e., I am a Christian myself). Does this course present principles that reflect this kind of philosophy? I would appreciate knowing your thoughts about this.
Thank you again for your help, and for the information. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dear M.S.,
Hello again! I appreciate your questions... it is good for me to hear about all of the concerns of students.

Regarding "New age" philosophy..... you will have to tell me how you define 'new age'. I myself was raised in the Catholic faith, and over many years have practiced and examined Christianity from many angles: Protestant, Catholic, Mystic, Essene, Evangelical. I have worked closely with several Christian groups who practice and advocate healthy living. Suffice to say that there are about 1,000,000 opinions as to what 'new age' is.

Biblically speaking, it is clear and direct - Genesis 1:29. "Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." That's really the beginning and the end of the health story for all Christians, in my humble opinion. But of course we humans love to debate these things and continue to split hairs until the end of time, so I will conclude that thought right now.

Generally speaking, as I am revising the courses I have tried to cultivate a sense of awe and respect for nature as our most direct and reliable guide regarding health matters. God's creation - nature - has been in operation for a very long time, and the exquisite balance of nature and all its creatures demonstrates an intelligence at work that is far too advanced for us to comprehend. But we can use our mind and senses to observe and logically deduce what is happening in nature all around us, and thereby fairly easily determine what the proper place for humanity is in nature, and how we can best harmonize with nature's laws (which are God's Laws, after all) for a healthy and happy life.

In creating these courses, I have attempted to take a common sense, natural approach first, and then supplement that with the scientific evidence where applicable. I have decided to frame relevant arguments about our original diet and lifestyle in terms of evolutionary science. This is where I have some knowledge, and can clearly demonstrate many points of healthy living very easily this way. If a student would rather reframe these Natural Hygiene principles in terms of creation science, then that is perfectly fine with me. I cannot make an informed opinion about creation science, for I have not studied it closely. Nevertheless, whether creation or evolution, the simple principles for healthy living are universal for all humanity. What is important is that you cultivate a tremendous respect for the wondrous workings of nature, and apply your newfound knowledge to the best of your ability.

Sometimes I run up against someone's attitude that if my courses (or anyone else's NH material for that matter) don't outright and outfront state that the God of Jesus (Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, the sun, the moon, etc.) is the power and the force behind these teachings, then the material must be labeled anti-scriptural or new age. Nothing could be further from the truth. To not claim adherence to a particular religious philosophy does not mean that I am against it. I am simply attempting to find common ground from which to speak the truth as best I, and hundreds of thousands of other health-seekers can see it. That common ground is the earth on which we all live, and our healthiest place within the web of life that inhabits it.

So as you can probably see, I am trying to present things as clearly and as unbiased as possible. I have tried to steer clear of religious doctrine. The fact of the matter is that every student will read in some of his or her personal bias into the material as they go. In other words, you will undoubtedly gain much wonderful information and wisdom from the course, and you will 'bend' it to fit your personal spiritual beliefs. And that is perfectly fine to do. That is the way it should be, for perhaps you will come upon revelations of understanding that will make it profoundly easier to pass along this wonderful, health-giving information to other people that you deeply care about.

Q: While I am very interested in these courses, my concern is that they will not be considered valid by prospective employers and others in the medical field, as is the case with so many of today's correspondence programs that are not offered by major universities.

Our school and courses are not accredited by conventional accreditation agencies. It is possible that credit and/or validation could be given to you after review of our courses by interested parties. Fortunately, due to the internet, home study education is exploding, and I am sure that it will continue to gain prominence and acceptance in conventional circles.

However, if you are looking for strictly conventional employment after completing the Essential Course (dietitian, hospital food service, etc.), then you will likely be disappointed in that regard. The philosophy and approach taken by Natural Hygiene is generally not acceptable to conventional scientific views about nutrition.

You may note that it is interesting that conventional nutritional authorities continue to add hygienic insights and advice to their recommendations regularly. Perhaps one day conventional nutritional recommendations will be Natural Hygiene recommendations.

Q: What career opportunities I can expect after completing your courses?

First we must keep in mind that expertise and experience in Natural Hygiene is a totally unique and holistic understanding of health and health care. Conventional medicine and most alternative health care is fragmented and therefore non-holistic.

Conventional employment in nutrition and dietetics (hospitals, elder-care communities, prisons, etc.) is limited to those who have studied and graduated from conventional nutrition courses.

The hygienic professional is one who takes their own personal knowledge and experience, and combines that with their natural talents to create ways to help others. Natural talents such as public speaking, writing and editing, food preparation, marketing, and audio/video production can be merged with your NH education to create a very worthwhile career for yourself.

This requires that you be willing to cut your own path in the world, applying your talents and expertise in whatever ways present themselves to you. Our world has enormous need for quality health care teaching!

The original NH course, from which our Essential Course is derived, produced several well-known graduates, such as: Harvey and Marilyn Diamond (authors of Fit For Life) and Anthony Robbins (motivational teacher).

Some recent graduates from our Essential Natural Hygiene Course are involved in teaching, presenting seminars and workshops, raw food preparation, writing books and magazines, creating athletic programs and organizations, creating programs for children and elderly, personal care mentors, and so on. Others enroll into the ENHC for their own personal study and benefit, greatly improving their own lives as well as the lives of their families, relatives and friends whenever possible.

Q: Is there a period of time in which one may review the material for the course and then decide whether of not to pursue it further?

Yes. After you have received the lessons, you should examine them carefully. You have 10 days to return them for full refund. After that, there are no refunds offered.

Q: I understand the premises behind Natural Hygiene and practice this lifestyle (which does work) personally. I also believe that the information you have to offer is valid and interesting but I am not prepared to pay for a course that requires no critical thinking or independent research on the part of the student (as so many correspondence courses do) and it is for this reason that I am writing to you.

Critical thinking and independent research is certainly required if any student wishes to make the most of their studies. Still, it is required that I do the most I can to provide sufficient information in the lessons to convey the understanding of the subject matter presented. If you immerse yourself deeply into the philosophy and practice of Natural Hygiene, you will no doubt have an infinite number of areas that you can inquire further about, both physical and metaphysical.

Critical thinking, debate, discussion and research have continued long after I have completed my formal studies in NH. In fact, it never ends. But the most important fact is that it is not necessary to be endlessly researching and educating oneself in order to reap the incredible benefits that living a NH lifestyle provides. With some basic education and understanding of NH principles and practice, anyone can create a joyous and health life for themselves.

Q: What about other organizations, such as University of Natural Health and Fit For Life, that offer Natural Hygiene Courses?

Regarding the U of NH, Fit For Life, or any other organization that offers NH Courses... in most cases I do not know of the quality and thoroughness of courses offered by them. I have not personally reviewed their offerings.

I do know that some purport to offer degrees, accreditation and recognition by various accrediting agencies. Typically, such degrees and accreditation are not recognized nor honored by any conventional health care business or educational institution.

That said, I do not wish to imply that other's courses are inferior in any way - they may indeed be quite good. I simply do not know. I will assume that they are doing the best that they can, and I wish them well.

The bottom line is that a potential student whose main interest is in studying to gain employment in a conventional nutrition or health career would best be served by completing a conventional nutrition and health course. If a career as a dietitian or conventional nutritionist is what you seek, in order to obtain employment in a hospital, cafeteria, senior-care home, prison, or other similar business, then getting a conventional degree is the way to go for you.

The primary purpose of our course offering is to teach the fundamentals of healthful living for personal health recovery and maintenance. This does not have to be complicated or expensive. The point is for each of us to be willing to discard wrong information that we hold, and to re-learn the basics about our body and how to take care of it properly and easily. I think it is safe to say that during childhood, none of us has properly learned how to take care of our magnificent body so that it functions well, remains beautiful and disease-free for a long, healthy lifetime. I have personally researched and involved myself in many different health care systems and approaches, over many years. My conclusion: Natural Hygiene is the closest thing to Truth in Health Care that anyone will find anywhere.

This is a personal journey for each of us. I have endeavored to create a thorough and yet inexpensive course, thereby making it available for as many people as possible, to learn how to be healthy and to stay that way – easily, confidently and joyfully.