Natural Health Education

Living Nutrition - Living Nutrition is the world's only health magazine which dares to tell the whole truth. The world's most progressive natural health periodical teaches health enthusiasts how to succeed at eating our natural diet of alive raw foods, how to self-heal using our God-given powers within, and how to build everlasting vibrant health the natural way via the principles of Natural Hygiene. When we abide by the natural laws of life, incredible health transformation is the happy result.

Human Development

I recommend Spiral Dynamics as an excellent model for seeing and understanding human development. - RWS

"Spiral Dynamics© is a way of thinking about the complexities of human existence and understanding the order and chaos in human affairs. It explains deep forces in human nature which shape our values, and lays out both a pattern and trajectory for change. SD will help you gain a greater understanding of how people, organizations and cultures function from the inside out—and will empower you to help them work, learn, and live better."

Spiritual Development

I highly recommend Jed McKenna's books for serious spiritual seekers, and just for the fun of reading them! - RWS

Three books by Jed McKenna:
Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing
Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment
Spiritual Warfare

"Jed's books are a joy to read. They're full of charm and humor, memorable characters and delightful dialogues. They're also full of something seldom found in "spiritual" books; a stark and unyielding challenge to the reader. In the end, these books are about one thing — moving beyond the ego — and that's a territory many wish to leave unexplored. Jed's books are not all sweetness and light, and they're not for everyone. The tagline of the Enlightenment Trilogy is "The Search Is Over". Jed McKenna's books are required reading for anyone who is not afraid to go where honest inquiry leads, and no one who is serious about their spirituality can afford not to read them."